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Robbery Defense in Macomb County

Macomb County Theft Crime Attorney

Have you been arrested for robbery in Macomb County? In Michigan there are two different crimes that constitute robbery charges, including robbery and armed robbery. Both crimes carry steep penalties and are considered to be felony offenses. Robbery can also fall under the category of violent crimes which have significantly harsher consequences.

Looking for an attorney for a robbery case in Macomb County? If you are facing robbery charges in Macomb County, then your number one priority should hiring an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights in court. A solid defense must begin immediately following your arrest, so don't wait until you step into the courtroom. Let us protect you against the prosecution. Speak with a Macomb County criminal defense lawyer from J.T. Bowden, Attorney at Law today to find out how I can help you beat your charges.

Types of Robbery Charges in Michigan

Unarmed Robbery

A robbery charge is considered to be a felony charge in Michigan and it is punishable for up to 15 years in prison. However, in order to be convicted of robbery, the prosecution must be able to prove the following beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • You executed the crime with use of force or violence, instilling fear in the victim
  • You executed the crime while also committing larceny (intent to permanently deprive the victim of their property)
  • You committed the act of larceny with the victim present

Armed Robbery

In Michigan, an armed robbery conviction is considered to be a maximum offense which carries a mandatory prison sentence. The minimum sentence for a crime of this magnitude is two years, nothing less. However, in order to secure a conviction, the prosecution will need to prove five different things at trial beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • You used force in the commission of the crime, or some form of violence which could instill fear in the victim
  • You were committing an act of larceny to retain money or property and permanently deprive them of it
  • You committed the act of larceny with the victim present
  • You were in possession, or the victim had reason to believe that you possessed a dangerous weapon or object that could cause serious bodily injury or even death

In Michigan, robbery and armed robbery are serious offenses. The prosecution is likely to be harsh and unforgiving, so it is vital that you get an assertive legal advocate on your side.

Searching for a lawyer for robbery in Macomb County?

Here at J.T. Bowden, Attorney at Law, I offer effective, high-quality defense against robbery, larceny and other serious theft crimes. My firm will evaluate your case for free and help you build a solid defense strategy for court. Contact my firm today by calling (888) 871-9868.

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